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Markdown (GitHub) + Wiki-Link Extras

Posted by @jsamlarose, Last update 5 months ago

Markdown syntax with support for GitHub Markdown extensions, like fenced code blocks, and ~strikethrough~ + some custom wikilink specifications for iThoughts, Shortcuts, Drafts actions, Raindrop, Mindnode, block level filtering and inline tags (requires a supporting action), wiki-link autocompletion and more.

Supports bold, italic (and ignores underscores in_snake_case), ~strikethrough~, and other Markdown syntax. This fork adds support for inline #tags (install the block level filter action to make tags active) and some custom wiki-link definitions:

  • [[r:Raindrop.io search]] and [[r#:search Raindrop tags]]
  • [[ac:run drafts action by name]]
  • [[sc:run shortcut by name]]
  • [[q:invoke block level filter]] - again, install the block level filter action if you want this to do anything…
  • [[map:open iThoughts map by name]]
  • [[gt:search in GoodTask]]
  • [[mn:open MindNode map by name]]
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