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  • fix Shift Timecodes action
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  • fix Shift Timecodes action

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  • fix support for timecodes with single digit hour

Make working with transcripts easier with these actions. Works well with the Transcript syntax.



Transforms selected text into timecodes:
1 -> [00:00:01]
12:34-> [00:12:34]
12345-> [01:23:45]
12.345 -> [00:00:12.345]

Support for comments:
inaudible 1 -> [inaudible 00:00:01]
1 comment goes here -> [00:00:01 comment goes here]

Shift Timecodes

Adds or subtracts a number of seconds to/from timecodes in selection.


Delete Repetitions

Use with care! (Use version history if something goes wrong.)

You, you know, I was I was there and and and... -> You know, I was there and...

strikethrough Repetitions

Instead of deleting repetitions, this action adds strikethrough markup to repeated words and phrases. (Gets rendered as strikethrough text using the Github Markdown or Transcript syntaxes.)

Filler Words

Use Set Filler Words to define words that Delete Filler Words removes from a text selection. ~~strikethrough~~ Filler Words works much like ~~strikethrough~~ Repetitions.


Convert to VTT

Convert a transcript with timecodes into VTT subtitle format. Supports speaker names:

[00:00:32] Alfred:
Lorem ipsum.

Mary: [00:01:22.222 comment] Lorem ipsum.
Lorem ipsum.




00:00:32.000 --> 00:01:22.222
<Alfred>Lorem ipsum.

00:01:22.222 --> 00:01:34.000
<Mary>Lorem ipsum.
Lorem ipsum.  

Export as VTT

Leaves the draft unchanged but exports it in VTT format as above.

Remove VTT/SRT Tags

Deletes the timecode lines from a subtitle file, making it easier to turn it into a transcript.


Marker <color> and Marker #label# add tags to a timecode that can be interpreted by Reaper actions

[00:00:01]<red>#Edit# can be turned into a red marker with the name “Edit” in Reaper.

Support me

Included Actions

  • Transcription Base Functions
  • Write
  • Timecode [HH:MM:SS]
  • Timecode short [MM:SS]
  • Shift Timecodes
  • Edit
  • Delete Repetitions
  • ~~strikethrough~~ Repetitions
  • Set Filler Words
  • Delete Filler Words
  • ~~strikethrough~~ Filler Words
  • Delete ~~strikethrough~~
  • Subtitles
  • Convert to VTT
  • Export as VTT
  • Remove VTT/SRT Tags
  • Advanced
  • Marker <color>
  • Marker #label#
  • Support me
  • Say Thanks
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