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Fixed open on my mind action did not create an OMM draft when it wasn’t found

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OnMyMind Action Group

created by @FlohGro / more on my Blog

On My Mind Action Group

This Action Group was inspired by Federico Viticci from MacStories.

The purpose is to quickly get your thoughts, ideas or references into a single Draft named On My Mind and process them later.
You can process the On My Mind with an Action to sort each thought (..) into the tools you want to further elaborate on them or delete them again.

In this short documentation the content added to the On My Mind Draft is called “chunk” since you could configure it to e.g. be a bullet list or each chunk shall be divided by e.g. two new lines.

The Action Group is divided into two sections:

  • [omm] Helper Actions: contains helper actions for the OMM Action Group
  • [omm] Actions: contains the actual Actions for this action groups which you can use in your workflows

[omm] Helper Actions

The Actions in this section are used by the actual On My Mind Actions. They provide configuration possibilities or can perform actions on chunks in the On My Mind Draft.
You can move them to different Action Groups to hide them - but make sure to not delete them.

  • [omm] configuration: this is a special action which offers configuration possibilities for you. Its used by all the actual [omm] Actions to read your preferred configuration. To read more about the configuration options - jump to the “[Configuration]” section.
  • [omm] new Draft: this action is used by the process On My Mind Action and will create a new Draft from the passed chunk of the On My Mind Draft

[omm] Actions

The Actions in this section are the actual Actions you can use in your daily work to get content into or out of the On My Mind Draft.

  • open On My Mind: this action will open your “On My Mind” draft (or create it if it doesn’t exist)
  • add Draft to On My Mind: this action will add the content of the current draft to your On My Mind Draft
  • add to On My Mind: this action will display a prompt with a Text Input. The provided text input will be added to your On My Mind Draft after you pressed the “ADD” button. If you press “Cancel” nothing will be added
  • process On My Mind: this action will process the chunks in your On My Mind Draft. It will present a prompt for each (non-empty) chunk in that Draft and you can choose what to do with it (e.g. add it to your todo list) by selecting one of the configured actions. The processed chunks will be removed from the On My Mind Draft and just lines where you selected the “skip” option will be kept in it.
    • note: in the background this will create a draft for each processed line and delete it when the selected action was executed
  • On My Mind […]: this action displays a prompt to ask which action of the Action Group you want to run and runs the selected one afterwards (it won’t display the „add draft to On My Mind“). It’s intended to be used e.g. in a Widget on the homescreen so you can quickly run this single action and select in the prompt what you want to do

[omm] Shortcuts

I also created a shortcut which enables you to quickly share a link from safari to your On My Mind Draft as a markdown url. You can download and install it here: add Link 2 On My Mind Shortcut
To add a link to your On My Mind Draft just open the share sheet in Safari and select this shortcut - it will grab the title and url and add it to Drafts.


[omm] configuration

The first action in this group enables you to do a few basic configurations to adapt the behavior to fit your workflow personal choices
For each option the action contains a “Define Template Tag” step. When you want to change a setting make sure to NOT change the TEMPLATE TAG at the top. Only make modifications to the TEMPLATE field. Otherwise it can result in weird behaviors.

  • ommDraftName: the template tag ommDraftName sets the title for your On My Mind Draft. By default its set to “On My Mind”.
  • ommContentDivider: the template tag ommContentDivider sets the divider between the chunks of text in your On My Mind Draft. By default its set to a new line character (that’s why the TEMPLATE seems to be empty) which results in chunks divided by an empty line in between. You can also change this to e.g. “- ” which will result in a bullet list of your chunks. The content divider must not be empty. Also make sure to don’t use that divider in the content you add to your On My Mind Draft since this could impact the process On My Mind Action.

Actions to process On My Mind

  • you need to configure the actions you want to perform on chunks of text in the process On My Mind Action.
  • to do this you have to edit the actionArray in the script. By default this array looks like this:
let actionArray = [
    ['✅ Todoist inbox', 'INBOX line’s'],
    ['🗂 Bookmark to DEVONthink', 'bookmark to DEVONthink'],
    ['⌨️ Markdown to Craft', 'Craft Note'],
    ['⬇️ Append to Craft Note', 'Append to Craft Note'],
    ['⬆️ Prepend to Craft Note', 'Prepend to Craft Note'],
    ['📋 add to list', 'Add to list'],
    ['🆕 Draft','[omm] new Draft'],
    ['🗑 trash', 'trashLine'],
    ['⏭ skip', 'skipLine']
    //   ['', ''],
  • Every element in the array (e.g. „['🆕 Draft','[omm] new Draft']) contains two strings. the first string e.g. 🆕 Draft defines how the action is displayed in the prompt. The second string e.g. [omm] new Draft contains the actual name of the action which shall be run.
  • To insert your own actions you can choose a name - how they should be displayed in the prompt and insert the action name in the second string. You can replace the existing ones by your own action or use the templates which are commented out ['', ''], by removing the slashes in front of them and insert your own name and the action name between the quotation marks.
  • I highly recommend to keep ['🗑 trash', 'trashLine'], and ['⏭ skip', 'skipLine'] lines inside array since they enable you to quickly delete or skip a chunk of text in your On My Mind Draft.

If you find this useful and want to support me you can

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Included Actions

  • [omm] Helper Actions
  • [omm] configuration
  • [omm] new Draft
  • [omm] Actions
  • open On My Mind
  • add Draft to On My Mind
  • add to On My Mind
  • process On My Mind
  • On My Mind […]
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