Action Group

Things for Things

Posted by tommertron, Last update almost 4 years ago

A group of actions that take the contents of your draft and add them to various places in things. This action group doesn’t rely on using a very specific syntax in your draft that’s parsed by a script. For the most part, each action will put your draft somewhere in things.

The default styel is to use the first line of your draft as the task name, with anything falling below as the note.

Many of these are very sutied to how I personally use thigns, but it might be helpful for others to use as a starting point to customize to their use.

Included Actions

  • Inbox
  • Today
  • This Evening
  • Tomorrow
  • Pick date
  • Work
  • House
  • Personal
  • Pick a Project
  • Make a Project
  • Selection to things
  • Bunch of to todos
  • Process notes from
  • Prompt for new task
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