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Posted by @evantravers, Last update over 3 years ago

I wanted to generate “zettelkasten” style notes from Drafts, and I wanted to follow a pattern that uses YAML frontmatter/metadata.

This is specifically to make some of the new “roam-like” note taking tools happy, specifically Obsidian.

This Action Group has two “hidden” actions that has a Script Action to be included by other Actions… just to make the process of manipulating metadata easier.

You will definitely need to change the path that Save puts files in your Dropbox.

The booknote actions are basically an example of how you could use the library to automate more complex actions. It assumes the presence of a Workspaces called “Booknotes” that is drafts tagged “booknote”.

The idea of the “Booknote” is a hub note that stores links of all the zettels that you link using “Link to Book” together.

I wrote about my particular implementation of it on my blog.

The code is listed here:


  • Booknotes now use MLA format when you use “Link to Book Zettel”
  • fixed the MLA reference to use whatever data it’s provided for the publication date.

Included Actions

  • Save Zettel
  • Extract Zettel…
  • Copy Link to Zettel…
  • Zettelkasten API
  • Booknotes API
  • Booknotes
  • Add Booknote Zettel…
  • Link to Book Zettel…
  • Insert MLA Citation
  • Insert ZK ID
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