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created by @FlohGro / more on my Blog

Easily open Drafts from a selected tag.

The Action displays a prompt with all your tags.
If you select a tag it will filter the drafts in your library and you can select the draft to open (if only one draft with that tag is found, it will be opened immediately).

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  • script

    // open tagged draft 1.0
    // created by
    let tags = Tag.query("").sort()
    // prompt to select tag scope / nest
    let p = new Prompt();
    p.title = "select tag"; => { p.addButton(t) });
    if ( {
        let selectedTag = p.buttonPressed;
        let foundDrafts = Draft.query("", "all", [selectedTag], [], "modified", true, true);
        let selectedDraft = selectDraft(foundDrafts)
        if (selectedDraft) {
        } else {
            app.displayInfoMessage("no draft selected")
    } else {
        app.displayInfoMessage("no tag selected")
    function selectDraft(draftsList) {
        if (draftsList.length == 1) {
            app.displayInfoMessage("open the only draft with the selected tag")
            return draftsList[0]
        let p = new Prompt()
        p.title = "select draft" => { p.addButton((d.isFlagged ? "🚩 " : "") + d.displayTitle, d) })
        if ( {
            return p.buttonPressed
        } else {
            return undefined


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