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Posted by FlohGro, Last update about 2 months ago

created by @FlohGro / more on my Blog

Quickly open a flagged draft. Displays a prompt to select the draft if more than one is flagged. If only one draft is flagged, it will be opened directly. If no draft is flagged, only an info message is displayed

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  • script

    // open flagged draft 1.0
    // created by
    let flaggedDrafts = Draft.query("", "flagged", [], [], "accessed", true, false);
    let draftToOpen = undefined;
    switch (flaggedDrafts.length) {
        case 0: app.displayInfoMessage("no flagged drafts found"); break;
        case 1: draftToOpen = flaggedDrafts[0]; break;
        default: draftToOpen = selectDraftToOpen(flaggedDrafts)
    if (draftToOpen != undefined) {
    function selectDraftToOpen(drafts) {
        let p = new Prompt()
        p.title = "select draft"
        for (let d of drafts) {
            p.addButton(d.displayTitle, d)
        if ( {
            return p.buttonPressed
        } else {
            return undefined


  • After Success Default
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