Clean Conference Photo List

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Clear down all but the last photo


  • script

    // Initialise
    const BASEID = "appYfCcGSmGO1BzLS"
    const TABLE = "Image"
    // Clear down all images bu the last one
    let at = new Airtable()
    let recImage = at.listRecords(BASEID, TABLE);
    // No Processing required
    let intCount = recImage.records.length;
    if(intCount == 0) app.displayWarningMessage("No need to clean up - no images found");
    if(intCount == 1) app.displayWarningMessage("No need to clean up - one image found");
    // Processing required = last image will be the last one in the array
    if(intCount > 1)
    	// Delete all but the most recent entry in Airtable
    	recImage.records.slice(0,-1).map(recRow => 
    		let atSettings = {};
    		atSettings.url = `${BASEID}/${TABLE}/${}`
    		atSettings.method = "DELETE";
    		let respAT = at.request(atSettings);
    		if (respAT) console.log(`${recImage.records[0].id} deleted from ${BASEID}/${TABLE}`);
    		else`Error deleting ${recImage.records[0].id}from ${BASEID}/${TABLE}`);
    	app.displayInfoMessage(`Removed ${intCount - 1} records of ${intCount}`);


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    Notification Error
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