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Prompt for input to send to, and insert the response to the prompt in the current draft.

This version includes options to select preferred model from a list of some of the available models. See docs for other supported models.

For more information on using this action, visit our OpenAI integration guide


  • script

    // setup Perplexity options
    const models = [
    const host = ""
    const initialText = editor.getSelectedText()
    let f = () => {
    	let p = new Prompt()
    	p.title = "Ask"
    	p.message = "Type your prompt for Perplexity, and continue. The response will be inserted in the current draft."
    	p.addTextView("prompt", "Prompt", initialText)
    	p.addSelect("model", "Model", models, [models[0]], false)
    	if (! {
    		return false
    	const chatPrompt = p.fieldValues["prompt"]
    	if (chatPrompt.length == 0) { return false }
    	let ai = OpenAI.create(null, host)
    	ai.model = p.fieldValues["model"][0]
    	ai.credentialIdentifier = ""
    	let answer = ai.quickChatResponse(chatPrompt)
    	if (!answer || answer.length == 0) {
    		answer = "No reply received"
    	let content = `${chatPrompt}
    	return true
    if (!f()) {


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