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Posted by FlohGro, Last update about 1 month ago


about 1 month ago

improved handling of / in text

created by @FlohGro / more on my Blog

open DeepL Write with the text in the draft to check spelling corrections and rephrasing suggestions.

unfortunately its not possible to pass settings to DeepL (e.g. to prevent rephrasing and only allow it to correct the spelling) right now

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  • script

    function generateDeepLURL(inputString) {
        // Encode the input string and replace %2F (/) with escaped version
        let encodedInput = encodeURIComponent(inputString);
    	encodedInput = encodedInput.replace(/\%2F/g, '%5C%2F');
        let deepLURL = "" + encodedInput;
        return deepLURL;
    let url = generateDeepLURL(draft.content);


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