List Posts from Ghost

Posted by agiletortoise, Last update 2 months ago

Demo action for working with the Ghost Admin API. This retrieves a list of your recent posts, and creates a new draft with a Markdown list of the post titles and URLs.

For more information on Ghost integration, see our integration guide


  • script

    // get posts from Ghost API
    let g = Ghost.create()
    let response = g.request({
    	"path": "/admin/posts/",
    	"method": "GET"
    let s = ""
    if (response.success) {
    	// build a list of posts and links
    	const posts = response.responseData["posts"]
        for (let post of posts) {
    		let title = post["title"]
    		let url = post["url"]
    		s = s + `* [${title}](${url})
    	// create a new draft with the list
    	let d = new Draft()
    	d.content = `# Ghost Posts
    else {


  • After Success Default
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