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Posted by andybates, Last update about 1 year ago

I noticed that phone numbers formatted as “+1 (408) 555-1212” are not clickable links when a draft is in Link Mode, so I made a script that takes an input, strips out all non-numeric characters, and then converts it to “nnn.nnn.nnnn”. So for the input above, it would be converted to “408.555.1212”.

The script is easily modifiable to other phone-number formats, but the dot format is my personal favorite. Edge cases: The script errors out if there are no numbers in the input. And if your input is longer than 10 numbers (11 with a leading 1), the output will be “nnn.nnn.nnnnnnn…”.

This is my first script, so let me know if you liked it! I’m @andybates on Twitter, or @andybates17 elsewhere.


  • script

    let inputNumber = editor.getSelectedText();
    // Remove non-numeric characters
    const strippedInput = inputNumber.replace(/[^\d]/g, '');
    // Check if the input is empty
    if (strippedInput === '') {
      console.log('Input must contain numerical characters');
    else {
      // Remove leading '1' if present
      let formattedNumber = strippedInput;
      if (formattedNumber.startsWith('1')) {
        formattedNumber = formattedNumber.slice(1);
      // Format the number
      const regex = /^(\d{3})(\d{3})(\d+)$/;
      formattedNumber = formattedNumber.replace(regex, '$1.$2.$3');


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