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Posted by allenshull, Last update over 2 years ago

This is an MLA paper print action based on the great APA version by @campjacob.


  • From @campjacob, the print action that skips the first two lines of the draft so you can use that for internal titling.
  • I didn’t mess with any of @campjacob’s img or table attributes. I never use these.
  • Text is Times New Roman / Serif, double-spaced.
  • All headers are specific to MLA 9th edition: centered, no change in font face or spacing
  • Page syntax: H1 is for your draft title, H2 is for the MLA title, and H3 is for Works Cited, which has an automatic page break before it.
  • Construct Works Cited entries with an unordered list (like this list here) to give it a hanging indent without bullets. I also use this to create my MLA name block at the top left of the first page.
  • Indent increments are set at .5 inch, which is MLA-standard
  • Page numbers aren’t supported. I couldn’t figure out @page. As a result, DON’T TURN THIS IN. If you can fix it, send me a fix @allenshull and I’ll update this and give you credit.


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