Toggle Tasks

Posted by agiletortoise, Last update 7 months ago

Toggle done status of [ ] and [x] tasks on the selected lines.


  • script

    // Toggle tasks marks on selected lines
    const off = "[ ]";
    const on = "[x]";
    // grab state
    let [lnStart, lnLen] = editor.getSelectedLineRange();
    let lnText = editor.getTextInRange(lnStart, lnLen);
    let [selStart, selLen] = editor.getSelectedRange();
    // check if any incomplete tasks are in selection
    if (lnText.includes(off)) {
    	lnText = lnText.replaceAll(off, on);
    else { // no incomplete tasks, mark undone
    	lnText = lnText.replaceAll(on, off);
    editor.setTextInRange(lnStart, lnLen, lnText);


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