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Posted by agiletortoise, Last update 10 months ago


10 months ago

Explicitly clear workspace queryString to avoid conflicting value in default workspace.

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10 months ago

Explicitly clear workspace queryString to avoid conflicting value in default workspace.

over 1 year ago

Added support for <|field> style placeholders to select initial cursor position.

over 2 years ago

Update to remove deprecated property.

almost 3 years ago

Support “Omit First Line in New Draft” option, to make it easier to give templates a friendly name in the first that is helpful for selecting templates, but should not appear in the new drafts created with this action.

NOTE: For more details on using this action, see the related tip document in the Forum

Prompt to select from a list of existing drafts with the tag “template” assigned, then create a new draft with the content of that template.

To create templates available in this action, simply type your template in a draft and assigned the tag “template” to that draft. It can be in the archive or inbox. The template can contain Drafts tags to insert time stamps or other dynamic data in the template. Also, any tags other than “template” assigned to the template draft will be assigned to the new draft automatically.

If the template contains and placeholders in the format <|fieldname> the first placeholder will be selected and ready to edit after creation.

When run, if “Omit First Line in New Draft” selected in the prompt, the first line will be removed from the template. This allows you to use a friendly name for the template as the first line of the template without having it included in the new drafts created.

Note: This action used functionality which requires a Pro subscription.


  • script

    // defaults
    const omitFirstLineDefault = true
    const placeholderRe = /<\|.*?>/gm
    // select from a list of drafts tagged "template" and create new draft based on selection.
    let f = () => {
    	// create temp workspace to query drafts
    	let workspace = Workspace.create()
    	if (!workspace) {
    		return false
    	workspace.tagFilter = "template"
    	workspace.queryString = ""
    	workspace.setAllSort("name", false, true)
    	// get list of drafts in workspace
    	let drafts = workspace.query("all")
    	// check if we found any valid templates
    	if (drafts.length == 0) {
    		alert("No templates found. To make templates available to this action, create a draft with the template content and assign it the tag \"template\".")
    		return false
    	// prompt to select
    	let p = Prompt.create()
    	p.title = "New Draft with Template"
    	p.message = "Select a template. A new draft will be created based the template selected."
    	p.addSwitch("omitTitle", "Omit First Line in New Draft", omitFirstLineDefault)
    	let ix = 0
    	for (let d of drafts) {
    		p.addButton(d.displayTitle, ix)
    	if (! {
    		return false
    	// get the selected template draft
    	let selectedIndex = p.buttonPressed
    	let template = drafts[selectedIndex]
    	let content = template.content
    	let omitTitle = p.fieldValues["omitTitle"]
    	if (omitTitle) {
    		let lines = content.split('\n')
    		if (lines.length > 0) {
    			content = lines.join('\n').replace(/^\s+/,"")
    	// create new draft and assign content/tags/syntax
    	let d = Draft.create()
    	for (let tag of template.tags) {
    		if (tag != "template") {
    	d.syntax = template.syntax
    	d.content = d.processTemplate(content)
    	// load new draft
    	// look for placeholder <|> to set cursor location
    	let match = placeholderRe.exec(d.content)
    	if (match) {
    		editor.setSelectedRange(match["index"], match[0].length)
    	return true;
    if (app.isPro) {
    	if (!f()) {
    else {
    	alert("Drafts Pro features required to use this action.")


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