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Posted by craigmcclellan, Last update about 5 years ago

Looks up text of a Bible verse from the English Standard Version using the ESV API and inserts the text into the current Draft as either a markdown blockquote or just plain text.

You will be prompted to enter your free API Key from the first time you run this action. It will then be stored in the Drafts Keychain. Sign up for the key before you run the action.


  • script

    // Insert Bible Verse into Drafts
    // Store ESV API Token in the Drafts Credential Keychain. You will be prompted for your API Token
    var credential = Credential.create("ESV", " API");
    credential.addPasswordField("API_Token", "API Token");
    var token = credential.getValue("API_Token");
    // Create search prompt for Bible verses
    var p = Prompt.create()
    p.title = "Bible Search";
    p.message = "What Bible Passage Would You Like to Insert?";
    p.addTextField("query", "Passage", "")
    // Currently, the prompt defaults to inserting as a blockquote. If you want to change this default behavior, change the word "true" to "false" in the next line
    p.addSwitch("blockQuote", "Insert as Markdown Blockquote", true);
    // Replace a space between book names and chapter/verse with a plus for URL purposes
    var passage = p.fieldValues["query"];
    var query = passage.replace(" ", "+");
    // Request Data from ESV API
    var http = HTTP.create();
    var response = http.request({
    	"url": "",
    	"method": "GET",
    	"parameters": {
    		"q": query,
    		"include-passage-references": "false",
    		"include-footnotes": "false",
    		"include-footnote-body": "false"
    	"headers": {
    	"Authorization": "Token " + token
    // Function to add Markdown Blockquotes to the beginning of each new line if the blockquote selector switch from the Prompt is toggled on.
    function addMarkdownQuote(text) {
    	var lines = text.split("\n");
    	var quoteLines = []
    	for (var line of lines) {
    		var blockQuote = "> " + line
    	var quote = quoteLines.join("\n");
    	return quote
    // Processes JSON response from ESV Server and converts to text
    function processVerses(rawJSON) {
    var json = JSON.parse(rawJSON);
    	var bibleVerses = json.passages[0];
    	if (p.fieldValues["blockQuote"] == true) {
    		var finalQuote = addMarkdownQuote(bibleVerses);
    	else {
    		var finalQuote = bibleVerses;
    	return finalQuote
    // Response Success and Failure Options
    if (response.success) {
    	var passageForInsert = processVerses(response.responseText);
    	draft.setTemplateTag("passage", passageForInsert);
    else {
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