Better IMDb Search

Posted by Greg S, Last update about 6 years ago

Search IMDb, using either the app (if installed) or the inline browser (if app is not detected).


  • script

    // Get the selected text from the Draft.
    // If no text is selected, get entire Draft.
    const selectedText = editor.getSelectedText();
    var lookupText;
    if (selectedText && selectedText!=="") {
    	lookupText = selectedText;
    } else {
    	lookupText = editor.getText();
    // Attempt to launch IMDB app.
    var result = app.openURL("imdb:///find?q=" + encodeURIComponent(lookupText), false)
    // If app launch failed, show IMDB in inline browser.
    if (!result) {
      openURL = app.openURL("" + encodeURIComponent(lookupText), true)


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