Preview/Print with CSS from Drafts

Posted by comfortablynick, Last update almost 6 years ago

Shows a list of drafts with “css” tag, and use the CSS for preview and printing if desired.

Action will build a prompt with the titles of all “css” tag drafts, sorted by last modified.

Example CSS (place in a draft tagged with “css” to work with this action):

/* Pretty (Light) */
@charset="utf-8";html{font-size:97%;font-family:"Avenir";line-height:1.6}body{background:#fff;color:#777}h1{color:#313131;font-weight:700;line-height:1.3}h2{color:#ea4c89;font-weight:700}h3{color:#09c;font-weight:700}strong,b{color:#d19a66}em,i{color:#c678dd}a{color:#00a5d8;text-decoration:none}code,pre{font-size:14px}pre{overflow:auto;width:auto;background-color:#f2f9f7;border:1px solid #d5ece4;border-radius:3px;padding:15px;color:#7f835d}pre code{overflow:auto;width:auto;background-color:#f2f9f7;color:#7f835d;border:none;padding:0;white-space:pre-wrap;word-wrap:break-word}code{background-color:#f2f9f7;border:1px solid #d5ece4;border-radius:3px;padding:1px 2px 1px 2px;color:#7f835d}table{margin:1em;border-collapse:collapse;width:90%}td,th{padding:.5em;border:1px solid #d5ece4}thead{background:#f6f6f7}blockquote{color:#bcbdbf;font-style:italic;border-left:4px solid #b6e5e1;padding:0 18px}hr{border:none;border-bottom:1px dotted #b6e5e1}div.footnotes{font-size:14px}@media (min-device-width:481px){body{margin:auto;max-width:600px}}


  • script

    /* Pick CSS Draft and Preview/Print */
    (() => {
       // Add tag(s) that identify your CSS files
    	const tags = ['css'];
    	const draftsFound = Draft.query("", "all", tags);
    	const draftAry = [];
    	// Sort CSS drafts by modified date
    	draftsFound.sort((a, b) => {
    		return a.modifiedAt < b.modifiedAt;
    	// Create array with draft names and UUID
    	for (let d of draftsFound) {
    		draftAry.push([d.title.replace(/[*\/]/g, '').trim(), d.uuid]);
    	// Load array in to a Map
    	const draftMap = new Map(draftAry);
    	const p = Prompt.create();
    	p.title = "Choose CSS";
    	p.message = "Pick CSS file to render document"
    	draftMap.forEach((v, k) => {
    	const response =;
    	if (response) {
    		const pickedDraft = draftMap.get(p.buttonPressed);
    		// Get draft CSS contents and load into template
    		if (pickedDraft == draft.uuid) {"Cannot apply CSS file to itself!");
    		} else {
    			const css = Draft.find(pickedDraft).content;
    			draft.setTemplateTag("css", css);
    	} else {
  • htmlpreview

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html dir="auto">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
  • print



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