GoodTask Subtasks

Posted by @brentacPrime, Last update over 5 years ago

Creates a NON-dated task in Reminders. If you use the app GoodTasks this will create a tasks with sub tasks. The first line is the title of the task with the remainder lines being the sub tasks.

An earlier version of this took the entire draft and popped it into a Workflow to finish the task creation. If you prefer that simply disable the script action and enable the workflow one.

Updated to add a link to the draft in the Notes of GoodTask

The required workflow:


  • runWorkflow

    GoodTask Sub tasks
  • script

    var p = Prompt.create();
    //put the name of your lists here in replace of Reminders, Whenver, or add addtitional 
    var didSelect =;
    var Choice = p.buttonPressed
    var taskPrefix = "..gt3[{\"Subtasks\":[";
    var taskSuffix = "]}]gt3";
    var itemPrefix = "\"0";
    var itemSuffix = "\"";
    var UUID = draft.processTemplate('[[uuid]]');
    var link = "drafts5://open?uuid="+UUID;
    var body = draft.processTemplate('[[body]]');
    var lines = body.split("\n");
    var array = [];
    for (var line of lines){
    var item = itemPrefix + line + itemSuffix;
    var subtasks = taskPrefix + array + taskSuffix;
    var list = ReminderList.findOrCreate(Choice);
    var reminder = list.createReminder();
    reminder.title = draft.processTemplate('[[title]]');
    reminder.notes = link+subtasks


  • After Success Ask
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