HashTagged lines to Drafts

Posted by @derekvan, Last update about 4 years ago

This script will search a specific workspace for drafts, then pull each line tagged with a hashtag and append it to a new draft, along with the title of the draft where the line came from.

I use this managing project reference files. Create a bunch of project files, and make sure the name of the project is the first line of the draft. Then add a hashtag to some lines, like “#week” for tasks you want to get done this week. Then this script will create a new draft with just those project names and lines.


  • script

    // Get hashtagged tasks from all projects
    // Global variables. 
    // Set the "tag" to whatever hash tag you want to use
    let tag = "#week";
    let date =;
    let n = "";
    // find all drafts in the "Projects" workspace archive. Set your workspace and query accordingly (you might want drafts in the inbox, or all, or whatever)
    let ws = Workspace.find("Projects");
    let dList = ws.query("archive");
    // Loop through each draft
    for (let z in dList)
        // Split drafts into lines
        let d = dList[z].content;
        let lines = d.split("\n");
        var t = "";
        var bool = false;
        var q = "";
        // Look for #week tag in each line
        for (let line of lines)
            // Grab the project name from the title of the Draft
            t = dList[z].processTemplate("[[title]]") + "\n\n";
            // If the line includes the #week tag, set the bool to true and write the task to the q variable
            if (line.includes(tag))
                q += line + " [link](" + dList[z].permalink + ")\n";
                bool = true;
        // If the bool is set to true, write the project name and all tasks to the n variable
        if (bool == true)
            n+= t + q + "\n";
    let c = Draft.create();
    c.content = "# Tasks for Week " + date + "\n\n" + n;
    // Set whatever tag / flag values you want here for the draft
    c.isFlagged = false;
    c.isArchived = false;


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