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Posted by FlohGro, Last update over 4 years ago

Create a note in evernote via x-callback url

The draft title will be used as note title.
The text should be written in markdown because it will be transferred into an html note to keep the formattings


  • script

    // evernote x-callback note creation!
    const baseURL = "evernote://x-callback-url/new-note";
    let nTitle = draft.title;
    let nContent = draft.content;
    let lines = nContent.split('\n');
    var newContent = "";
    for (line of lines) {
      newContent = newContent + line + '  \n';
    draft.content = newContent;
    let parsedBody = draft.processTemplate("%%[[body]]%%");
    draft.content = nContent;
    var cb = CallbackURL.create();
    cb.baseURL = baseURL;
    cb.addParameter("type", "html");
    cb.addParameter("title", nTitle);
    cb.addParameter("text", parsedBody);
    cb.waitForResponse = true;
    var success =;
    if (success) {
      console.log("Successfully created a note in evernote!");
      app.displaySuccessMessage("note created :)");
    } else {
      if (cb.status == "cancel") {
        context.cancel("callback response returned cancel!");
        app.displayWarningMessage("callback response returned cancel!");
      } else {"callback response returned failure!");
        app.displayErrorMessage("callback response returned failure!");


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